Bank truck robbery -

Bank truck robbery

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- You need craft c4 bomb if you want start rob bank truck robbery
- C4 bomb all crafting system with 6 place.
- Allows players to rob any bank trucks on the map (vehicle hashkey configurable).
- Hack the doors with the security card or open the truck with it (configurable choice).
- Four NPC guards spawn when hacking/opening the truck who will open fire on the person opening the truck (NPC hashkey configurable).
- Configurable weapons the NPC's will spawn with.
- Prevents cancelling emotes while stealing or opening the truck.
- Very responsive and great performance levels.
- Option to adjust how many cops required to do the robbery.
- Gives items and a choice of rare items too and how many (easily configurable).
- Timeout on robbing other trucks (configurable).
- Easily configurable.

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