Fivem Advanced Bus Job
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Advanced Bus Job

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Fivem Advanced Bus Job provides an authentic bus job adventure. Advance levels, collect fares, and earn rewards. Compatible with ESX and QBCORE. Dive deeper with the video!


- Rent a bus and have a realistic experience
- Level up and open new routes by traveling on routes where your level is sufficient 
- Easy to configure
- You can see the stops you need to go to on the screen.
- When you arrive at a stop, you are automatically shown where to approach. 
- When you arrive at a stop, a random number of passengers get off and then new ones get on
- You charge each passenger a ticket fee 
- When the route is over, you go back and get a salary 
- In the menu you can see other employees who are active at that time.
- Leaderboard on the screen
- More info you can see in video
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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