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100+ House System Script with Furniture, Garage, Stash, Wardrobe

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The Fivem House System Script is a comprehensive script that allows players to own and customize their own virtual houses in the popular online gaming platform Fivem. This Fivem House System Script includes features such as furniture placement, garage for storing vehicles, stash for hiding valuable items, and wardrobe for changing outfits.


- House menu
- Easy config customize
- Full optimized - Sync with all players
- Sound system in the house, you can play songs from youtube
- Stash system
- Private garage system
- Wardrobe system
- Furniture system
- Security cameras
- Alarm system
- Auto lock house doors settings
- Add friends to the house customer list
- Possibility rob a houses
- Lock/unlock house doors like in real
- Doors ring sound, like in real
- More info you can see in video
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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