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Action And Job Menu Script

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FiveM Job Menu Script offers a comprehensive solution for managing animations, props, walking styles, and job actions on your server. Inspired by the need for quick access in games like Starcraft, it provides an intuitive interface for accessing actions efficiently. With FiveM Job Menu Script customizable features and easy integration of custom content, it ensures smooth gameplay and enhanced user experience. Compatible with popular job plugins like esx_mechanicjob, esx_ambulancejob, and esx_policejob, it caters to a wide range of server setups while offering flexibility and ease of use.


- Gives your server a functional all-in-one menu for handling animations, props, walking styles and job actions.
- This menu provides you the most intuitive way to access loads of actions quickly and remember them for repeated use.
- Inspired by games like Starcraft where quick access is a must.
- It will mark your favorite actions in muscle memory in no time by creating name based combos.
- The Action Menu makes sure all combos can be done by your left hand, keeping your right hand on the mouse.
- Furthermore, the Action Menu is completely configurable.
- Adding your own animations/actions/etc is a breeze compared to other systems.
- Comes standard with esx_mechanicjob, esx_ambulancejob and esx_policejob actions added (config option to disable for non-esx users).

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