Fivem Advanced Garages Script
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Advanced Garages Script

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Fivem Advanced Garages Script. This product features a clean and intuitive Bootstrap-based interface for effortless use. It allows configuration of garage locations and facilitates transferring and retrieving vehicles from any garage. With support for car, boat, and air garage types, it caters to diverse needs. Additionally, it offers vehicle impound functionality with options like self-retrieval, timer, and reason tracking. Job garages ensure that job vehicles are owned rather than merely spawned. Gangs can benefit from owned vehicles accessible to all members, while private garages cater to individual properties. Spawn pileup protection and configurable admin commands enhance functionality and control.


- Clean, intuitive and super easy to use Bootstrap-based interface
- Configurable garage locations, with the ability to transfer and take out cars from any garage
- Car, boat and air garage types
- Vehicle impound with options such as self-retrieval, timer and reason
- Proper job garages - job vehicles are owned vehicles and not just spawned in
- Gang garages - gangs can have owned vehicles which all gang members have access to
- Private garages (for houses or other private properties)
- Spawn pileup protection
- Configurable admin commands for adding/removing job vehicles, changing vehicle plates and deleting vehicles from database
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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