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Advanced MDT Script

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Advanced FiveM MDT Script. This comprehensive script offers a multifunctional CAD system for efficient server management. The main page features sections for vehicle and citizen searches, as well as announcements. In the citizen detail page, you can manage citizen information, including identity photos and notes. The official report page allows for adding reports and managing criminals, including fines. The wanted page enables adding and managing wanted citizens and vehicles. The database page allows for adding, deleting, and searching events. The chat page facilitates communication with active cops. System features include easy navigation between pages, user profile display, and a notification system. With optimized tablet resmon and customizable notification texts and colors, it provides a seamless user experience


• Main Page:
- The main page consists of 3 sections. Vehicle search, citizen search and announcement section.
- Vehicle search: You can search and examine the vehicles according to their license plates and models.
- Citizen search: You can search and examine citizens by their names, surnames and phone numbers.
- Announcement: You can add announcements consisting of the title and description, and you can also examine what time the announcements are added.

• Citizen Detail Page:
- From the left part of the citizen detail page, you can change the identity photos of the citizens and add special notes to the citizens.
- Citizens from the right part of the citizen detail page.
- Profession, money in the bank, date of birth, gender, phone number.
- You can examine his identity number, invoices, vehicles he owns and the events he has experienced.

• Official Report Page:
- You can add reports on the left side of this page, you can add criminals on the right side and fine the offenders.
- While adding a report, you can name the report, write the name of the police, check the time of the report, add a picture related to the report,
you can write down the vehicles involved in the incident and take note of the witnesses at the crime scene.
- While adding the criminal, you can take note of the criminal’s name, the criminal’s ID, the amount of the penalty to be imposed, the short information about the crime and the situation, and you can view or delete them.

• Wanted Page:
- You can add the wanted citizens from the left part of the page and the wanted vehicles from the right part.
- Citizen search: You can add the name and surname of the citizen, the crime he committed, what to do if he is caught (killing, delivery, etc.) and, if any, his photo.
- You can check when the citizen search was added and you can remove the search if you want.
- Vehicle search: If you know the model of the vehicle, the photo is automatically added by the system. You can write the description of the vehicle and the model of the vehicle.
- You can check when the vehicle search was added and remove the search if you want.

• Database Page:
- You can add, delete and search events from this section.
- You can add and examine the properties of events such as found date , upload date , location , upload name , weapon type , weapon serail number.

• Chat Page:
- Here you can message with active cops.
- In addition, on the right side of the screen, you can examine the police in the police station, their phone numbers, their names, surnames and genders.
- System and general features.
- With the link system at the top of the screen, you can quickly switch between the pages you click on.
- You can view your user profile picture and your name and surname at the bottom left of the screen.
- Tablet resmon value is 0.01.
- The tablet has its own notification system, you can easily change the notification texts and colors, you do not need a separate script.

- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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