Fivem Bank Robbery
Bank robbery -
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Bank robbery

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-  [Power Box]: Silent/Normal heist. Disable the powerbox to gain freetime, before silent alarm is triggered. Add extra freetime on successful hacking of keypads. Easily integrate thermite/other minigame. For pacific heist, this unlocks possibility of getting access to a safe upstairs.
- [Safe/AccessCard]: Only available in pacific heist (ez implement for other big banks too). If powerbox is disabled, then robbers can crack safe upstairs. Easily integrate safe cracking minigame. Get access to accesscard, which skips hacking at the keypads.
- [Drilling]: Modified a free drilling minigame. Nice and good looking animation/effects and instructional buttons. Configurable reward from each safe and other configurable small options etc.
- [Bank Clerk Desks]: Extra feature available in all banks. Only available after the heist is started (either powerbox disabled or first keypad hacked). Lockpick the door to gain access. Easily integrate lockpicking minigame. Rob petty cash from the desks.
- [Keypads]: Each keypad require completion of a hacking minigame. By default: finger print and mhacking (you can easily swap to whatever you want). In pacific, if has accessCard, then hacking minigame is skipped. Successful hacking allows interaction with doors.
- [Security Camera]: Integrated camera feature with nice effects/animations etc. commadn /camera2 - 33 . Easily add more cameras in config.
- Almost everything is configurable and video should speak for itself!

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