Fivem Car key system
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Car key system

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- A custom key system with possibility of stealing NPC & gaining configurable loot!
- Car Menu:
 - See a list of your owned keys.
 - Control car windows.
 - Control car dooors.
 - Turn engine on/off.
 - Turn neon on/off.
 - See insured vehicles.
- Lock/Unlock:
 - Configurable key to unlock/lock owned vehicles.
 - Configurable whitelisted vehicles, support the lock system.
 - Prop emote, GTA sounds & effekts upon locking/unlocking.
 - Lock/unlock stolen vehicles, if keys are received.
 - Lock/unlock borrowed vehicles from "friends".
- Lockpicking/Hotwiring:
 - Lockpick parked & locked cars around San Andreas.
 - Configurable lockpick & hotwire chance.
 - Lockpick player owned vehicles.
 - Integrated police alerts upon lockpicking.
 - Hotwire car after lockpicking, before driving.
 - Requires item to lockpick.
- Alarm System:
 - Buy vehicle alarms for owned vehicles.
 - The better the alarm, the lower chances for successful lockpicking.
 - Alarm prices based on vehicle price.
- Steal NPC Cars:
 - Aim at NPC vehicles to steal their cars.
 - Configurable chance of receiving vehicle keys.
 - NPC will alert the police after robbery is done.
 - Search vehicles for loot - maybe sell them to a PawnShop?

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