Fivem Custom Drug Business Script
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Custom drug business

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A custom drug business script similar to GTA:Online with amazing features and roleplay opportunities!

• Drug Labs:
- Players can purchase a drug lab [spawned shells] and start their business.
- Configurable options for blips, markers, pos, price etc.
- Synced between players and works with OneSync.
- Laptop inside which players can interact with and manage their business.

• Supplies:
- Business requires supplies to produce stock.
- Purchase supplies.
- Steal supplies with jobs (maybe more jobs in the future?)

• Stock:
- Supplies are produced into stock over configurable amount of time, while player is online.
- Stock is sold with jobs.
- Configurable multiplier of price for each level of stock.

• Police Raid / Player Robbery:
- Players who owns a lab can rob other players' lab and get their supplies & stock.
- Police can raid drug labs and seize supplies & stock.
- Integrated notification alert for drug lab owner upon raid/robbery.
- mHacking minigame added, easily change to whatever you prefer.

• Notes:
- Video should pretty much cover all the features etc.
- Integrated police alert on jobs with supplies / stock.
- Language file for easy translation.
- A lot of configurable options!
- K4MB1 Drug Lab Shells (INCLUDED)
- Drug Lab Shells picture:

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- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.