Fivem Distillery Job
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Distillery Job

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Cellar System (Interior)
- Creating & deleting & modifying cellar(s) ingame through custom NUI panel.
- Buy & Trade.
- Lock / Unlock.

- Configurable through config file.
- Custom dimensional manager for Objects / Players / Particles / Peds, etc.
- Custom attachment handler.
- Changing market prices.
- Raycast on objects / peds.
- Option to turn the resource as illegal job. (the map will show a radarblip which will shrink with time).
- Locale files ready (for EN & HU) You can simple translate in your language.
- More, please watch the video for full understanding

Custom props / MLO
- Winecellar (interior)
- 2 barrels.
- 2 crates
- bottler
- 3 buckets
- fruit grinder
- wooden barrel (fixed raycast)
- (ESX) version.

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