Fivem Doors Lock Script
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Doors lock script

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- This door script gives you far greater control over how you players can gain access through doorways.
- You can restrict door usage to job type and rank, using items to unlock, or you can use basically any mini-game with a callback.
- Each door is highly configurable, allowing you to set values such as break-in minigame difficulties, raid access for certain jobs, and whether or not the door can be unlocked using keys/items.
- Multiple door control from a single access point, with only one set of drawtext/interact text per set of doors.
- A shop where you can sell keys is also included in this mod (and you can also add as many other shops as you might want), with a neat and functional UI frame.
- Shop keys are also restricted by job rank and grade, allowing you to make job-specific keys available for purchase.
- The "Thermite" and "Lockpicking V2" mini-games displayed in the video are included with this script.

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