Fivem EMP Weapon Script
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EMP Weapon

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This EMP Weapon fires custom EMP ammo for vehicle control: start/stop engine, toggle lights, lock/unlock doors, and damage engine. Menu shows engine temp, fuel, and speed. Remote vehicle control via UI buttons or arrow keys within 100m.


- Custom emp ammo prop.
- EMP Weapon that ejecting custom emp ammo.
- You can start and stop the engine.
- You can turn on and off the lights of vehicle.
- You can lock and unlock the doors of vehicle.
- You can broke the engine.
- Engine temperature is shown on the menu.
- Fuel level shown on the menu.
- Speed of the vehicle shown on the menu.
- You can control (we mean drive) the vehicle from outside of the vehicle through the ui buttons or arrow keys in 100 distance.

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