Fivem Advanced Ambulance System
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Advanced Ambulance System

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Fivem Advanced Ambulance System


Fivem Advanced Ambulance System Simulates vital signs, injuries, and treatments. Features modern UI, activity log, and situation-dependent injuries. Non-medics can revive unconscious players. Includes medications, infusions, and bandages. Allows carrying unconscious players and implements a triage system. Enhanced atmosphere with Fivem Advanced Ambulance System custom sounds and game objects.


- This system will simulate an pulse, blood pressure, pain and much more.
- Modern and clean UI to get an overview of the player and perform actions. Also there is an activity log to see what actions has been carried out already.
- You can now receive situation-depended injuries on every body part. For example when you get shot on the right arm you will get an avulsion on the right arm. But if you get hit by an car, you can get a crush, an abrasion or a contusion. Injuries can be easily added and edited inside the specified file for it.
- When you are unconscious, you can also be revived by non-medics with specific treatments. (Not everytime since injuries may require some special items.)
- There are now medications like morphine and epinephrine that have effect on the system like increasing or decreasing pulse.
- There are now infusions that can have different effects like blood infusions, nutrition infusions and so on.
- There are many other actions like: Checking pulse, checking blood pressure, performing cpr and so on.
- There are now bandages that have different effects on injuries.
- You can carry unconscious people and put them inside a car or pull them out.
- There are different sounds like item sounds or heartbeat sounds when the pulse is to high to improve the atmosphere.
- Triage system. You can categorize patients.
- There are custom game objects like bandages, syringes to improve the atmosphere.

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