Fivem Vip, Donate system v2 script for qbcore and esx
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fivem Vip, Donate system v2 script for qbcore and esx
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Vip, Donate system v2

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- You can sell things to players with real money.
- If you become a gold premium member, you can get 20% discount on everything you buy. Market shopping, gun shopping, vehicle shopping, petrol shopping and anything else you can think of. You can set it yourself.
- Vehicles, items and workplaces are divided into normal and premium. Normals are cheaper and simpler things, premiums are more valuable and expensive things. You can adjust them yourself.
- Vehicles and workplaces you buy are 30 days. They will be deleted after 30 days. You can change the number of days from the configuration.
- From the Special workplaces section, you can put your in-game mechanics, galleries, gas stations, markets, real estate agents and any workplaces you can think of for sale.
- The coin you have appears on the top right of the page, by clicking on it, you can reach tebex and buy coins from there. To load your coins, all you have to do is paste the tebex code you received into the load balance section and press enter.
- In the safe system, 3 different items can come out of each safe. You can change the names of the items in each safe, how many pictures will be given and everything that comes to your mind.
- In addition, there are 2 package systems as starter and premium package.
- You can edit the crates in these packages, the items in the crates, the prices of the crates and everything else via the config.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

- We always will help you if you have a problems with our scripts, you need only write in contact form or in email: and wait.

- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.