Fivem Fuel station business
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Fuel station business

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- Now you can see which vehicle is getting gas from you.
- Checking company information, checking your finances, checking your total earnings, checking the gasoline in your tanker tank, checking how many people shop from you, etc.
- System to increase the gas level: There are 3 levels in total, as your level increases, your tanker tank will increase. You can check your gas level.
- You cannot fill the tank of the tanker with a vehicle other than the tanker vehicle.
- You can now recruit workers to your company.
- After buying a gas station, it will show you around the gas station with animation.
- A page has been created where you can view and recruit employees in your company
- The workers you hire to your company can do other jobs as well. The gas station has its own worker system.Only company owners can add and remove workers.
- If there is no owner of the gas station, you cannot buy gas there.You can’t buy a gas station that owns it.If you have a gas station, you cannot get another gas station.
- You can change the name of your gas station.
- You can withdraw the money from the safe of your gas station.
- You can transfer your company to an employee.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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