Fivem Home burglary
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Home burglary

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This resource allows you to do burglaries in 70+ houses around vinewood. When you lockpick a door you will send out an alarm to all policemen online, the policemen will get a blip on the map and a notification. Policemen can lock and enter the house if it is unlocked. If you search something in the house then it is searched for everyone else. You can also find the house owners name in the cabinet, this can be changed in config. This is good for roleplay servers because it allows for roleplay scenarios to happen. When a house is lockpicked the police will be able to connect to cameras and see in the house.

- Ability to lockpick a door and loot the house.
- Instance script made by me that makes everyone else that isn't supposed to be in the interior invisible and removed all sounds from them.
- 70 houses in vinewood.
- Ability to enable/disable policecameras.
- Policemen can lock the house.
- Synced search for everyone.
- You can find out who owns the house and roleplay of it.

- We always will help you if you have a problems with our scripts, you need only write in contact form or in email: and wait.

- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.