Fivem Inventory hud 5
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Inventory hud 5 (weight, durability, descriptions, hot bar, fast key)

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- Inventory hud with weight system.
- Inventory hud.
- Vehicle trunk.
- Vehicle glove box.
- You can use this inventory in Properties, Stash, Shops, Closets, Mafia Houses and much more.
- Shop systems, simple items and weapon.
- Accessories for weapons and new objects.
- Gun dyes ( weapon color )
- Configurable weight and durability system.
- Ultra fast click.
- Quick and easy configuration system.
- Steal / search from player inventory.
- Inventory have hot bar.
- Inventory have fast key, for weapons and simple items.
- Inventory have animations.
- Items and items weight you can edit in database.
- Items price and stock you can edit in config file.
- More info you can see in video.

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