Fivem Loading Screen Script
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Loading Screen Script

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This script offers an efficient fivem loading screen script to optimize the performance of your fivem servers. With its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with fivem scripts, it's a must-have for any servers. Improve your players' experience with this essential tool.


- Dynamic Visuals: Custom loading screens allow server owners to showcase their server's unique identity through dynamic visual elements. This could include server logos, artwork, or screenshots from in-game events, creating a visually engaging experience for players.
- Immersive Music Transitions: Music can significantly influence the mood and atmosphere of a gaming experience. Custom loading screens can incorporate music tracks that seamlessly transition between different genres or themes, enhancing immersion and anticipation as players prepare to enter the game world.
- Administrator Lists and Announcements: Loading screens provide an ideal opportunity to communicate important information to players, such as server rules, announcements, or lists of active administrators. Including these details ensures that players are informed and engaged from the moment they connect to the server.
- Keyboard Shortcut Information: For newcomers or players unfamiliar with FiveM's controls, custom loading screens can display helpful information about keyboard shortcuts and commands. This empowers players to navigate the game world more effectively and reduces the learning curve associated with new gameplay mechanics.
- Very easy to configure and translate.
- More information you can see in video.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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