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Mdt script (police database)

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 - Login via "touchID",
  - Tablet holding animation,
  - Possibility of using voice chat,
  - Name, last name (and police badge) and current time visible after logging in,
  - After closing the tablet, you don't have to login in again for 2 minutes [config],
  - In the upper-left corner you can add your own text (for example your server name),
  - Possibility of choosing a citizen (defined range),
  - Possibility of setting the max amount of a ticket,
  - Half money from a ticket will be paid to faction account, the other half to officer account,
  - When you choose jail option and type "0" in the jail-time-input a normal ticket will be issued,
  - Automatic signature of the officer (and police badge),
  - Automatic completion of the file,
  - Webhook which informs about a ticket,
  - Possibility of choosing individual charges,
  - Possibility of setting how many times one charge can be charged (for example: shop robbery x5 (max)),
  - Automatic counting price and jail time ranges,
  - Automatic display of additional penalties (for example: suspension of a driving license),
  - A button to copy a ticket,
  - A button which will automatically take you to the appropriate penalty menu (ticket/jail) and will fill the reason-input (the amount and jail time you have to type in manually),
  - Setting up a charges with ease,
  - Basic data of the citizen,
  - Tickets history,
  - Possibility of adding a citizen to the wanted list,
  - If a citizen is wanted the alert will be displayed,
  - Possibility of adding and removing licenses depending on the officer rank [config],
  - Possibility of creating a notes about any citizen,
  - Webhooks which inform about wanted citizens and added/removed licenses,
  - *NEW* possibility of adding a photo in the file,
  - After entering the number of license plate it displays the data of the vehicle owner and the car model,
  - Possibility of adding an announcement depending on the officer rank [config],
  - Displaying an exclamation mark in the menu if the new announcement is available,
  - Webhook which informs about new announcement,
  - Personal notes which save automatically,
  - Adding/removing notes,
  - Removing announcements,
  - Removing entries in the file,
  - Awarding badges in the BossMenu,
  - Possibility of making the badge dependent on JobGrade or fully manual awarding of badges,

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