Fivem Mechanic npc
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Mechanic npc

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- This product is a custom mechanic repairing sequence using animations and vehicle.
- This allows people to use mechanics for example no mechanics are online, they can then go and pay these NPC's to repair it for them.
- Works in both OneSync and Vanilla
- You can configure the time it takes to repair the vehicle in minutes, default is 5 minutes.
- You can configure the price for each and every mechanic.
- You can easily add more mechanics with a user friendly configuration.
- All the money goes to the mechanics fund.
- Illegal Mechanic money goes to the mafia fund.
- Everything is synced through all clients.

- We always will help you if you have a problems with our scripts, you need only write in contact form or in email: and wait.

- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.