Fivem Mini jobs 3 different Jobs

Mini jobs 3 different Jobs

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•The BurgerShot Job:
- You can deliver burger on three different routes with three different vehicles. Depending on your experience, you can get access to a better salary and better orders.

•The Gardener Job:
- As a gardener you take care of the Golf course. You can decide whether you want to pick weeds or mow the lawn.

•The Busdriver Job:
- You can select whether you want to drive a normal service bus, a coach or a Vinewood-Tours bus. Your route is also always depending on the vehicle you selected.

•The experience system:
- Every time you f.e. deliver a burger or stop at a bus stop you'll get increase your job level. In the Config you can restrict certain vehicles and routes for specific job level then. So your player have to spend some time to gain valueable experience to access new routes. This progress is saved in the database.

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