Nopixel car hud with fueling system -

Nopixel car hud with fueling system

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- Nopixel Car Hud with Fueling System, Seatbelt, Mph, Time, Compass and Location
- Car hud which shows when a player is in a vheicle and the engine is on.
- Fueling system which allows you to fuel at any gas station.
- Fueling vehicles will set the vehicle's fuel to 100 and the refueling time is dependant on the amount of fuel needed.
- Synchronised seatbelt mechanics which will eject you from your seat if you are going too fast without your seat belt on.
- Seatbelt indicator for when you have not yet used the seatbelt.
- Shows the speed the vehicle players are in is going.
- Shows the in-game time to players in the vehicle.
- Shows a compass which is very responsive too portray the direction you are looking.
- Shows the location of the vehicle you are driving and updates when you go to different locations.
- Low fuel indicator which will blink when a vehicle is under 15 fuel and will not if over 15 fuel.
- Sound effects for when you enable/disable your seatbelt and for the low fuel indicator.

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