Fivem Pause Menu Script
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Pause Menu Script v4

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Experience unparalleled control and convenience on your GTA 5 servers with Pause Menu Script, now available for FiveM. This dynamic script enhances user interaction and streamlines gameplay management, ensuring an immersive gaming experience for every player. Elevate your FiveM server today with Pause Menu Script and unlock limitless possibilities for user engagement and satisfaction.


- Nice and clean UI
- Online players count.
- Map settings.
- Game settings.
- Server announcement.
- Date and time.
- Discord settings.
- Bank and cash information.
- Player information.
- More information you can see in video.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

- We always will help you if you have a problems with our scripts, you need only write in contact form or in email: and wait.

- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.