Fivem Police MDT CAD V4 Script
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Police MDT CAD V4

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Fivem new Police MDT CAD V4 Script (police database) for esx and qbcore framework


- "General Information": This section presents comprehensive crime rate statistics. You can access daily and cumulative records for created incidents and wanted individuals.
- "Hot Wanted List": Within this section, you will find the list citizens whose call records have been created in the last three days.
- "On Duty List": This segment offers detailed profiles of officers currently on duty, along with their real-time locations displayed on the live map.

 Search Bar:
- The search bar facilitates a variety of queries. Users can conduct searches for individuals, vehicles, and records within the tablet interface.

- Upon searching for a specific user and accessing their profile, you can view the licenses they hold and update any pertinent evidence related to that individual.

- Under the "Record List" section, officers have the ability to generate incident records. These records include information about the responsible officer and allow for the addition of suspects, involved officers, and associated evidence.

- In the "Wanted List" area, officers can register wanted suspects, input relevant evidence, draft detailed reports, and assign designations such as "Robber" or "Murderer" to the suspects.

- Within the "Fines List" section, officers can input potential offenses, specifying the offense title and corresponding penalty. Subsequent updates to these offenses can also be made. Note that only officers above a certain rank possess the authority to make such updates and additions.

• Department:
- The "Department" section encompasses active departments, with their respective details on display. Individuals barred from entering specific departments can be registered within this section.

• Live Map:
- The "Live Map" section provides an instantaneous visual representation of officers currently on duty, their locations depicted in real-time on the map.

- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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