Fivem Recycler Script
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Recycler Script

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Trying to find a way to utilise all the materials/random junk items you’ve added to your servers loot pool? Look no further, With our Recycler Script, you can give all of those items some worth, adding more depth to your servers economy. This is not your typical go to location, stand there while items process then get a reward. Our recycler allows your players to drop off items and leave the area or even log off of the server while there items are processing, this is fully persistent between server restarts etc.


- Custom prop.
- Custom Audio.
- Drop items at the recycler and go do other things while the items are processing (allows for more time to RP.)
- Chance based rewards. (specify the rewards you can get from each item. how much of that reward and the chance that you will even get it.)
- Persistence between restarts. (Uses KVP to store data.)
- Configure multiple locations.
- Support for targeting systems (Pre-configured for Qtarget, Ox_target, qb-target)
- More information you can see in video.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

- We always will help you if you have a problems with our scripts, you need only write in contact form or in email: and wait.

- Don't forget that we dont sit 24 hours in support channel.