Fivem Report system v2

Report system v2

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- Basically when you type ‘/report’ a nice menu pops up, it allows you to send different types of feedbacks such as a player report, a general question or to report a bug to the server admins.
- To assist the feedbacks players make, admins should type ‘/reports’, which will open a list of the pendent feedbacks, once you select a feedback it will open a window with all the information of that feedback, such as the category (player report, question, bug), the subject and the explanation of the issue.
- You are able to set a feedback cooldown to prevent players from spamming feedbacks.
- It includes Discord logs such as: when a feedback is created, when an admin assists the feedback and when an admin concludes it.
- Notifications script is included.
- Discord Logs.
- (ESX, QBUS, STANDALONE) version.

- Video link:

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