Fivem Supermarket v6 ( Shop System ) Black market, Shop Robbery ( ESX, QBCORE )

Supermarket 6 (shop system)

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- Beautiful user interface!
- The ability to enable blips on the map!
- The ability to enable markers!
- Convenient configuration file!
- Random places where the black market appears!
- Cooldown on the re-opening of the black market for all players!
- The ability to set store names!
- The possibility of endless store settings!
- The ability to turn sounds on and off when clicking in the menu!
- The ability to use the store only for certain jobs!
- Random reward and time of cash register robbery!
- Cooldown on the repeated robbery of the cash register for all players!
- You can completely change the user interface at will!
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

- Video link: Here

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