Fivem Tow Job Script For qbcore and esx
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Tow Job

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This Ultimate Tow Job Script offers a thrilling and immersive experience for FiveM servers. With advanced flatbed and towing functionality, in-depth job missions, and a chance for angry car owners to come out and defend their vehicles, players will be hooked. with over 250 pickup locations, 40+ pre-configured cars, customizable progression and rare item drops, custom crafting tables, and an extensive config file, making it easy to tailor the tow job to your server's needs. This script also supports multiple languages and integrates seamlessly with other systems while running at an impressive 0.0 ms resmon.


- Advanced flatbed functionality with retractable capabilities.
- Advanced towing functionality with immersive capabilities.
- Advanced methods of making sure the vehicles NEVER poof unlike other vehicle related scripts.
- 250+ different vehicle pickup locations already configured and all changeable.
- 40+ pre configured cars to to pickup.
- Ability to impound and send other player vehicles to ithe impound.
- In-depth job that offeres an immersive experience of being a repo man.
- A chance angry car owners can come out and defend there vehicle with mele weapons.
- 3 pre configured locations to drop the repoed vehicle off to.
- Unlock progression to obtain items configured by you.
- /getrepo command and /reporply command to request and reply to repo drivers.
- Custom Crafting tables that require progression and unlocks to craft things.
- Very extensive config.lua to help easily change the script with very little effort.
- Custom configurable lang system to support multiple languages.
- Runs at 0.0 ms resmon.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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