Fivem Trucker Job V2
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Trucker Job V2

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Fivem Trucker Job V2 script with companies, level and xp system


- Players can establish their trucking companies through the menu.
- After creating their trucking companies, players are introduced to three distinct pages. Players, even without founding a company, can access the joblist page to undertake deliveries and earn money as in a regular job.
- Earnings from the Trucker job and the level points that the company can achieve are adjustable via configuration settings.
- On the homepage, trucking company owners can access their company's general information and manage the company's finances. Additionally, the right side of the homepage displays garage details, such as the number of employees working in the garage and the cost required for garage upgrades.
- The Job List section showcases available jobs. Non-company owners can access and complete these listed jobs as a regular job. Similarly, company owners can accept jobs and make individual deliveries to earn money.
- Under the Employees tab, company owners can hire listed non-player drivers and earn passive income.
- The company level increases in proportion to the company's delivery numbers. Players unable to make deliveries to increase the company level cannot upgrade their garages or hire employees. Garage upgrades are attainable every two company level increments, opening an employee slot with each garage upgrade. (All values can be adjusted via the configuration settings.) Existing employees do not affect the company level for passive income; company owners must fulfill directives to enhance the company level.
- (ESX, QBCORE) version.

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