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Vehicle Upgrades

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- Vehicle Upgrades gives you the ability to make completely custom vehicle upgrade items for your server.
- Players will use the item from their inventory to apply the upgrade (persistent, on player-owned vehicles).
- Upgrades will sync with other online players, so your friends can drive your modified car as well.
- The items directly effect the vehicles handling data, and the upgrade items table is completely customizable.
- Create anything from drift or race tires and brake upgrades, to complete overhaul items that rework any car into a purpose built machine.
- Config option to enable players to remove their own upgrades from their cars, or force them to visit mechanics to do so.
- Comes default with upgrade items:
  - Tyre (Grip)
  - ECU (Power)
  - Gearbox (Shift Speed)
  - Brakes (Braking)
  - Racing Chip (Includes all of the above).
  - Drift Chip (Turns your vehicle into a sliding drift machine).

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