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Yacht Heist script

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- Players can rob the vault in the Yacht.
- There are guards protecting the vault, you can add more/less, choose what weapons, ped-type etc.
- A nice hacking animation added before the hacking minigame.
- Players can drill into a safe to retrieve item/cash, with nice drilling animation, drill effects and integration drill sound.
- Players can take cash from the trolley, with awesome animation scenes.
- All rewards are calculated by amount of cops online, you can look deeper into rewards in server.lua.
- Robbery is synced between all players, so multiple people can do the heist together, e.g. one man is drilling while the other takes cash and the third negotiate with the police.
- Nice draw text & rect while taking cash, which updates for every cash bundle thats taken.
- Police can secure the vault and everything will be reset and synced.
- Cooldown before doing a new heist.
- Probably some more features which I've forgotten as there are so many!

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